Person description

Currently I am Senior Data Scientist at Blue Yonder GmbH.
As a data scientist my major work comprises the question:
‘How to add value to companies asset type BIG DATA?’
Answering this question is more than statistical data algorithms. In my daily work I focus on several aspects:
  • Business analysis, e.g. derive new business models with respect to accessible data provided by the current data warehouse, derive new business chances while combining new information, calculating costs and return on invest numbers,…
  • Statistical modeling/probabilistic modeling (basic now how  thought at Universities)
  • The art of predictive analysis: designing machine learning algorithms which predicts the future with respect to the derived business constraints. Goal is always a reliable integration within the respective business intelligence system.


Until 2012 I was Akademischer Rat at the University of Kaiserslautern with three major activity field:
lectures, project management, and guidance of Phd candidates.